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Cliff Odenkirk Midi File Areas

Original Piano Music Original Jazz Music

Welcome to my xg midi file areas (below) featuring my original compositions. All original compositions (c) C Odenkirk and BMI registered. Commercial clearance available through BMI

Preview of my CD: Great Lakes

Spring Fever (3:23) (BMI) (22K)New Age piano and flute melodies. I started planning the voyage in the spring, gathering charts, supplies, cleaning and painting the boat, and preparing it for the journey.
Catawba (4:50) (BMI) (28K) Mellow New Age/Light Jazz with flute and piano leads. The day finally arrived. Leaving Catawba Island Harbor near Port Clinton, Ohio, and entering the open waters of Lake Erie on the start of the voyage
Charity Island (3:59) (BMI) (23K) Mellow New Age with guitar and piano leads. Leaving Port Austin, I crossed Saginaw Bay in the fog, barely seeing Charity Island before we turned toward Au Sable Point. The fog cleared and I had these beautiful sunsets along the Michigan shoreline.
Summer Breezes (2:44)(BMI) (20K)Piano and an Alto, Tenor and Bari Sax trio. We spent over a week in Harrisville, MI waiting for improving weather, it was either foggy or Thunderstorms every day. Watching the Fourth of July fireworks ( launched from the breakwall ) while sitting on the boat enjoying the gentle summer breezes was a highlight of this port.
Thunder Bay(3:50) (BMI) (80K) co-authored with Swiss Composer Laurent Burgbacher Piano, saxophone trio and orchestra. I was caught in a violent thunderstorm in the middle of Thunder Bay. Part of the top strakes of the boat were actually broken off by the waves during the storm. Yes, the boat was rocking when I took this picture of the sun just above the clouds.
Presque Isle Bay (old) lighthouse
Smooth Sailing(5:39) (BMI) (22K) A New Age sound with alto sax and piano. The calm day after the storm. Sailing under the Mackinac bridge and into Lake Michigan from Lake Huron.
Carefree Days (5:06) (BMI) (54K) Mellow New Age guitar and piano leads. Sailing along the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with the sun on my face and the sound of the waves lapping lightly against the hull.
Manistique(4:44) (BMI) (24K) A New Age Piano with Orchestra. I sailed into Manistique harbor and spent three days there waiting out the weather.
Door County (4:56) (BMI) (21K) Mellow New Age piano and flute leads. The weather improved and I sailed southwest into Wisconsin along the islands of Door County and into Baileys Harbor.
Safe Passage (3:26) (BMI) (19K) Mellow New Age. The final leg of the voyage was in light fog with the lighthouse at Point Beach guiding the way along the Wisconsin eastern shore.

Autumn (4:20) (BMI) (35K)New Age Piano and violin solos. 7/8 and 6/8 time. In Wisconsin, I spent a few weeks on the boat enjoying the last few weeks of summer and the first cool evenings of autumn to complete my journey.

CD and MP3 ordering has been moved to cliffodenkirk.com

My Original JAZZ Compositions

My Latest Compositions

Flight of Fantasy
(C)2003 Cliff Odenkirk BMI (4:52)
(C)2003 Cliff Odenkirk BMI (3:38)
Why Not Now?
(C)2003 Cliff Odenkirk BMI (3:36)


Suave Mente (3:34) (BMI) This Alto Sax solo has been used in some radio commercials recently.
Free Flight (3:46) (BMI) Light Jazz with alto sax lead
Northern Lights(4:03) (BMI) Viewing the Northern Lights led to this composition.
A Lady Named Luxury (5:24) (BMI) Torch Song, Alto sax and Trumpet duet.
ClubJazz(3:29) (BMI) Light swinging big band style jazz
Drivin Hard(3:54) (BMI) Trumpet and Alto Sax Solos
Summer Breezes (2:44) (BMI) This Alto, Tenor and Bari Sax Trio has a light and mellow feeling.
Feelin Easy (2:30) (BMI) Mellow Light Jazz with flute and alto sax leads
Island Rhythms (3:05) (BMI) Steel Drums and Pan Flute give this a distinctive sound.
Lets Play(3:12) (BMI) Trombone, Trumpet, Alto & Tenor Sax take turns on the jazz lead for this song.
Viajero(4:09) (BMI) Latin feeling with horn break in the middle.
Love Flows (3:21) (BMI) Horns and Alto Sax
Full Circle(3:35) (BMI) Piano and alto sax solos
Midnight Dreams(5:58) (BMI) Smooth and Mellow Alto Sax solo.
Moving On(3:53) (BMI) Big Band Swing with trombone, sax and trumpet leads.
Brattown Boogie (3:19) (BMI) Big Band Style Boogie.

Production info and Links

Thanks for previewing my music . All original compositions (c) C Odenkirk and BMI registered.Commercial clearance available through BMI . Produced on Cakewalk Pro Audio sequencer ,the yamaha XGand the Roland SC88sound module systems. Some parts produced with the Soundtrek Jammer Pro or Band in a Box (BIAB) . This is great equipment. Enjoy

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