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Odenkirk Family History
This site has been compiled from various internet sources. I do not know the accuracy of some of the files presented and do not have information other than that presented here.

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Family Tree Names

Burton, Arthur Reed (Private-)
Burton, Betty Jo (Private-)
Burton, Earl Edward (Private-)
Burton, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1652-1675-WFT Est. 1696-1747)
Burton, Gary Lee (Private-)
Burton, Harry Clay (Private-)
Burton, Joseph Eugene (22 JUL 1913-16 MAY 1973)
Burton, Lawrence (Private-)
Burton, Mack Ross (Private-)
Burton, Michael (Private-)
Burton, Randall Paul (Private-)
Burton, Rick (Private-)
Burton, Robert (Private-)
Burton, Thomas William (WFT Est. 1861-1893-1920)
Burton, Virginia Alice (Private-)
Burton, Virginia Nell (Private-)
Burton, Jr., William Thomas (Private-)
Burton, Sr., William Thomas (Private-)
Burton, Wilma Charlotte (Private-)
Busard, John (WFT Est. 1396-1425-WFT Est. 1448-1488)
Bush, Christina (WFT Est. 1801-1820-WFT Est. 1826-1905)
Bush, Dean Eldon (Private-)
Bush, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1753-1773-WFT Est. 1774-1857)
Bush, Mary (WFT Est. 1816-1838-WFT Est. 1860-1925)
Bush, Sarah (WFT Est. 1769-1798-WFT Est. 1838-1889)
Bussard, Mary Magdeline (23 DEC 1824-24 OCT 1897)
Bussard, Nellie
Bussing, Arent Harmansz (ABT. 1660-WFT Est. 1679-1751)
Butcher, Amanda (Private-)
Butcher, Jeremy (Private-)
Butcher, Laura A. (Private-)
Butcher, Tara (Private-)
Butler, Christopher (WFT Est. 1726-1752-WFT Est. 1776-1818)
Butler, Florence
Butt, Mary (1874-17 NOV 1942)
Butt, Tom (WFT Est. 1846-1883-WFT Est. 1872-1961)
Butterbaugh, Catherine Hershey (ABT. 1822-WFT Est. 1892-1919)
Butterweck, Freiderike
Buys, Geertruy (WFT Est. 1717-1740-WFT Est. 1762-1828)
Byerly, Martha (1822-1901)
Byers, Alta (Private-)
Byers, Carl Allen (Private-)
Byers, Clifford (Private-)
Byers, Eugene (WFT Est. 1849-1888-WFT Est. 1883-1965)
Byers, Grant (Private-)
Byers, Jeremiah (WFT Est. 1817-1854-WFT Est. 1858-1932)
Byers, Jonathan (Private-)
Byers, Julie Unknown (Private-)
Byers, Katie (Private-)
Byers, Kelsey (Private-)
Byers, Lisa Beth (Private-)
Byers, Louanna Kay (Private-)
Byers, Loucretia Nadine (Private-)
Byers, Marc Joseph (Private-)
Byers, Raymond Clifford (Private-)
Byers, Sean (Private-)
Byfor, George Jr. (WFT Est. 1869-1897-WFT Est. 1875-1976)
Byford, Etta J (1885-1922)
Byford, George (ABT. 1823-11 DEC 1871)
Byford, George Shirvers (1848-16 APR 1914)
Byford, Hester Elizabeth (17 SEP 1875-31 MAY 1935)
Byford, Robert Shrives (WFT Est. 1772-1801-WFT Est. 1826-1886)
Bynam, Marcia (Private-)
Byrne, Allison A. (Private-)
Byus, John Patrick (Private-)
C, Sarah (WFT Est. 1824-1844-WFT Est. 1845-1928)
Cadman, (3)Catherine Irene (Private-)
Cady, Patience (WFT Est. 1672-1691-WFT Est. 1693-1766)
Cady, Silinda Olive (WFT Est. 1740-1760-WFT Est. 1761-1834)
Cain, Edward (Private-)
Cain, Eileen Marie (Private-)
Cain, Frances Mae (18 AUG 1914-31 MAR 1988)
Cain, Robert Eugene (Private-)
Caldwell, Bess (WFT Est. 1865-1888-WFT Est. 1912-1977)
Caldwell, David (8 MAY 1762-WFT Est. 1763-1852)
Caldwell, Isabella (20 NOV 1758-WFT Est. 1759-1852)
Caldwell, Jane (1756-WFT Est. 1757-1850)
Caldwell, Margaret (1755-WFT Est. 1756-1849)
Caldwell, Margaret Unknown (ABT. 1730-ABT. 1800)
Caldwell, Margery (1760-ABT. 1838)
Caldwell, Mary Ann (1763-WFT Est. 1764-1857)
Caldwell, Robert (21 JUL 1721-OCT 1799)
Caldwell, Samuel (1768-WFT Est. 1769-1858)
Caldwell, William (20 AUG 1765-WFT Est. 1766-1855)
Caley, Agnes (WFT Est. 1335-1380-WFT Est. 1368-1429)
Caley, Knight William (Private-)
Calhoun, Arthur E (19 DEC 1892-26 JAN 1976)
Calhoun, Betsy Wright (Private-)
Calhoun, Daniel (WFT Est. 1829-1858-WFT Est. 1883-1943)
Calhoun, Donna (Private-)
Calhoun, Helen Elenor (Private-)
Calhoun, Jean Elizabeth (Private-)
Calhoun, Margaret Ester (28 MAR 1880-3 JUL 1956)
Calhoun, Margret June (Private-)
Calhoun, Robert Richard (Private-)
Calhoun, Robert Thomas (Private-)
Calkins, Helen Jean (Private-)
Callelman, Louisa (WFT Est. 1827-1856-WFT Est. 1832-1938)
Callender, Lois (Private-)
Calmady, Anne (WFT Est. 1561-1606-WFT Est. 1582-1655)
Calthorp, Bartholomew (WFT Est. 1228-1297-WFT Est. 1259-1322)
Calthorp, Catherine (WFT Est. 1296-1352-WFT Est. 1328-1390)
Calthorp, Jane (WFT Est. 1548-1573-WFT Est. 1589-1643)
Calthrop, Knight Bartholome (WFT Est. 1259-1323-WFT Est. 1296-1349)
Calvert, Ann Margaret (WFT Est. 1584-1608-WFT Est. 1626-1679)
Calvert, Margaret (Private-)
Calvert, Sarah (WFT Est. 1725-1749-WFT Est. 1767-1820)
Cameron, Charles (MAR 1877-WFT Est. 1909-1968)
Cameron, Don (WFT Est. 1829-1849-WFT Est. 1863-1935)
Cameron, Doris (Private-)
Cameron, E. L. (WFT Est. 1869-1901-WFT Est. 1928-1987)
Cameron, Edward (1890-WFT Est. 1891-1980)
Cameron, Edward (Private-)
Cameron, Elizabeth (1879-WFT Est. 1907-1973)
Cameron, Goldie (APR 1889-WFT Est. 1911-1983)
Cameron, Janet (Private-)
Cameron, Lynwood U. (Private-)
Cameron, Nelson (WFT Est. 1830-1864-WFT Est. 1892-1948)
Cameron, Vern (Private-)
Campbell, Alan (Private-)
Campbell, Alan Dale (WFT Est. 1894-1921-21 MAY 1969)
Campbell, Alice Louise (Private-)
Campbell, Allan Dale (Private-)
Campbell, Alpheous (1829-1888)
Campbell, Annie (WFT Est. 1841-1868-WFT Est. 1890-1958)
Campbell, Barbara (Private-)
Campbell, Carol Ann (Private-)
Campbell, Charles (1869-1906)
Campbell, Charles Royal (8 SEP 1906-6 JUN 1988)
Campbell, Chrlene (Private-)
Campbell, Clifton A (WFT Est. 1894-1923-WFT Est. 1919-1996)
Campbell, Clifton A (1873-1942)
Campbell, Constance (Private-)
Campbell, Florence Mary Lin (Private-)
Campbell, Frank J (1898-4 JUL 1963)
Campbell, Freda Lavern (3 AUG 1894-)
Campbell, Freddie (Private-)
Campbell, George W (WFT Est. 1894-1923-28 MAY 1963)
Campbell, Grace Mable (WFT Est. 1894-1923-4 AUG 1946)
Campbell, James A (Private-)
Campbell, Janet Marie (Private-)
Campbell, Joan (Private-)
Campbell, John Leslie (19 OCT 1899-11 JAN 1962)
Campbell, Latha Matilda (30 AUG 1894-)
Campbell, Laura Grace (Private-)
Campbell, Laurence Keith (1911-30 APR 1958)
Campbell, Linda (Private-)
Campbell, Lisa Marie (Private-)
Campbell, Loren James (16 MAY 1879-)
Campbell, Mahlan (1868-1906)
Campbell, Mary (WFT Est. 1829-1849-WFT Est. 1850-1923)
Campbell, Mary (Private-)
Campbell, Mary Jane Wilson (WFT Est. 1808-1839-WFT Est. 1860-1903)
Campbell, Nellie Claire (20 MAR 1881-)
Campbell, Richard (Private-)
Campbell, Robert Henry
Campbell, Robin Donald (22 NOV 1946-6 AUG 1987)
Campbell, Roland Greenlief (WFT Est. 1894-1923-22 DEC 1993)
Campbell, Ronald (Private-)
Campbell, Rose (Private-)
Campbell, Sandra Susan (Private-)
Campbell, Sarah
Campbell, Susan Elizabeth (7 FEB 1901-7 DEC 1994)
Campbell, William (1860-1876)
Campf, Leah (WFT Est. 1796-1816-WFT Est. 1817-1890)
Campf, Solomon (WFT Est. 1787-1819-WFT Est. 1813-1877)
Canella, J.M. (Private-)
Canfield, Charles (WFT Est. 1831-1851-WFT Est. 1865-1937)
Cannelly, Sarah (WFT Est. 1762-1788-WFT Est. 1805-1876)
Cantine, Peter (WFT Est. 1675-1695-WFT Est. 1709-1781)
Carbaugh, Ermina
Carbaugh, Ermina C. (1848-1925)
Card, Marilda Jane (13 AUG 1844-26 APR 1940)
Card, Martha G. (1 JAN 1801-1 MAY 1870)
Cardwell, Elizabeth (1804-18 SEP 1876)
Cardwell, Sarah (Sallie) Alice (3 MAY 1820-22 JUN 1878)
Carey, Knight (WFT Est. 1478-1498-WFT Est. 1510-1569)
Cargill, Teresa Anne (Private-)
Cariss, C. (WFT Est. 1843-1880-JUN 1945)
Carl, Dale
Carlon, Sarah (WFT Est. 1764-1790-WFT Est. 1813-1878)
Carlson, Mary Jane (Private-)
Carol, (Private-)
Carolyn, (Private-)
Carpenter, Brandt C. (16 FEB 1885-WFT Est. 1918-1976)
Carpenter, Edith Amanda (20 JAN 1887-31 JUL 1942)
Carpenter, Harold Zaner (Private-)
Carpenter, Harriett Charlott Headley (24 OCT 1857-WFT Est. 1858-1951)
Carpenter, Harry Lee (23 DEC 1895-WFT Est. 1939-1987)
Carpenter, Harvey Roy (23 OCT 1880-16 JUL 1947)
Carpenter, Ina Belle (12 MAY 1891-WFT Est. 1925-1986)
Carpenter, Levi Foy (16 JUN 1848-26 APR 1934)
Carpenter, Margo Ann (Private-)
Carpenter, Ralph Vernon (17 OCT 1888-WFT Est. 1889-1978)
Carpenter, Valorus Helen (Private-)
Carr, Joseph (WFT Est. 1762-1782-WFT Est. 1796-1868)
Carr, Martha (WFT Est. 1785-1805-WFT Est. 1806-1889)
Carroll, Emmett (Private-)
Carroll, Rhoda (1765-18 FEB 1825)
Carrott, Delsey (Private-)
Carsen, (WFT Est. 1807-1841-WFT Est. 1833-1920)
Carson, Agnes (20 MAY 1789-WFT Est. 1790-1883)
Carson, Andrew Jackson (25 SEP 1828-WFT Est. 1829-1918)
Carson, Catherine (20 MAY 1782-WFT Est. 1783-1876)
Carson, Eleanor (14 APR 1814-24 JUL 1891)
Carson, Elizabeth (2 FEB 1770-WFT Est. 1771-1864)
Carson, Elizabeth (25 JUL 1816-WFT Est. 1817-1910)
Carson, Elizabeth Unknown (WFT Est. 1733-1759-WFT Est. 1796-1849)
Carson, George (17 JUL 1794-WFT Est. 1795-1884)
Carson, George Washington (1 FEB 1820-WFT Est. 1821-1910)
Carson, Jacob (15 SEP 1791-26 NOV 1850)
Carson, Jacob Harvey (8 MAR 1837-WFT Est. 1838-1927)
Carson, James M (26 NOV 1822-WFT Est. 1823-1912)
Carson, John (8 MAR 1773-WFT Est. 1774-1863)
Carson, John Bell (15 JAN 1819-WFT Est. 1820-1909)
Carson, Luther Calvin (14 OCT 1839-WFT Est. 1840-1929)
Carson, Mary (29 NOV 1775-WFT Est. 1776-1869)
Carson, Mary Margaret (15 DEC 1830-WFT Est. 1831-1924)
Carson, Nancy Ann (8 MAR 1837-WFT Est. 1838-1931)
Carson, Robert S. (27 DEC 1861-8 JUN 1934)
Carson, Sara Jane (2 MAY 1833-WFT Est. 1834-1927)
Carson, Sarah (20 APR 1780-WFT Est. 1781-1874)
Carson, William (WFT Est. 1726-1759-14 MAY 1796)
Carson, Jr., William (18 SEP 1777-WFT Est. 1778-1867)
Carson, William Alexander (30 JUN 1826-WFT Est. 1827-1916)
Carter, Jedediah (1834-1882)
Carter, Kate (WFT Est. 1851-1871-WFT Est. 1872-1945)
Carter, Margaret (WFT Est. 1561-1586-WFT Est. 1607-1656)
Cartright, Mary (1821-3 SEP 1902)
Carver, Manerva J
Casagrande, Brenda (Private-)
Case, Jr, Peter (WFT Est. 1757-1798-WFT Est. 1783-1847)
Case, Peter (WFT Est. 1757-1798-WFT Est. 1783-1847)
Case, S. W. (WFT Est. 1839-1859-WFT Est. 1884-1945)
Cash, Laura (15 MAR 1859-WFT Est. 1883-1953)
Caso, Nicholas Anthony (Private-)
Caso, Patrick Anthony (Private-)
Caso, Sierra Nicole (Private-)
Cassirer, David John (Private-)
Casslen, Patience (WFT Est. 1529-1553-WFT Est. 1573-1624)
Castle, Sarah A (ABT. 1854-JAN 1905)
Castle, Sarah Josephine (WFT Est. 1815-1843-WFT Est. 1887-1935)
Casto, Abel (WFT Est. 1775-1804-WFT Est. 1829-1889)
Casto, Hannah (27 JUN 1826-20 SEP 1910)
Castor, Mac
Caswell, Lucile Marie (Private-)
Catesby, Lettice (WFT Est. 1446-1481-WFT Est. 1468-1540)
Catharina, (WFT Est. 1753-1776-WFT Est. 1797-1848)
Catharine, (WFT Est. 1690-1729-WFT Est. 1723-1784)
Catharine, (WFT Est. 1764-1784-WFT Est. 1785-1868)
Catherine, (Private-)
Catherine, (15 FEB 1788-7 APR 1850)
Catherine, (WFT Est. 1770-1796-WFT Est. 1824-1884)
Catherine, (WFT Est. 1770-1796-WFT Est. 1824-1884)
Catherine, (WFT Est. 1605-1640-WFT Est. 1639-1699)
Catignani, Betty Rae (Private-)
Cavendar, Ella (1861-JUN 1946)
Ceccai, Olga (Private-)
Ceccio, Jr., Joseph F. (Private-)
Cellucci, Marie Rose (WFT Est. 1894-1914-WFT Est. 1915-1988)
Ch., 1 (WFT Est. 1697-1720-WFT Est. 1702-1804)
Ch., 11 (WFT Est. 1686-1709-WFT Est. 1691-1793)
Ch., 15 (WFT Est. 1646-1669-WFT Est. 1651-1753)
Ch., 2 (WFT Est. 1752-1762-WFT Est. 1757-1853)
Ch., 3 (WFT Est. 1756-1779-WFT Est. 1761-1863)
Ch., 3 (WFT Est. 1732-1761-WFT Est. 1737-1843)
Ch., 6 (WFT Est. 1735-1764-WFT Est. 1740-1846)
Ch., 7 (WFT Est. 1732-1761-WFT Est. 1737-1843)
Ch., 7 (WFT Est. 1777-1793-WFT Est. 1782-1881)
Ch., 8 (WFT Est. 1750-1779-WFT Est. 1755-1861)
Ch., 8 (WFT Est. 1695-1718-WFT Est. 1700-1802)
Ch., 8 (WFT Est. 1690-1713-WFT Est. 1695-1797)
Ch., 9 (WFT Est. 1765-1793-WFT Est. 1770-1875)
Chamber, Walter (WFT Est. 1511-1548-WFT Est. 1537-1601)
Chamberlin, Charles (Private-)
Chambers, Agnes Sudie (20 AUG 1889-WFT Est. 1903-1983)
Chambers, Albert Sidney (9 JUL 1894-2 JUL 1971)
Chambers, Annie Vada (13 APR 1881-28 APR 1917)
Chambers, Capt. Thomas (WFT Est. 1621-1661-WFT Est. 1647-1741)
Chambers, Capt. Thomas (WFT Est. 1621-1661-WFT Est. 1647-1741)
Chambers, Clara (17 JAN 1887-MAR 1981)
Chambers, Clare (WFT Est. 1877-1903-WFT Est. 1928-1990)
Chambers, Fannie Viola (Ola) (19 SEP 1882-5 OCT 1959)
Chambers, James (WFT Est. 1920-1949-2 SEP 1994)
Chambers, John Monroe (15 OCT 1855-3 JUN 1914)
Chambers, John W. (30 MAR 1878-WFT Est. 1879-1968)
Chambers, John Walter (4 NOV 1884-3 NOV 1954)
Chambers, Johnnie Albert (3 FEB 1923-17 OCT 1971)
Chambers, Lillian Selita (Private-)
Chambers, Martha Seleta (19 DEC 1877-30 JAN 1963)
Chambers, Mary (1779-5 MAY 1840)
Chambers, Mary Lenora (2 OCT 1879-31 DEC 1941)
Chambers, Mattie Virginia (Private-)
Chambers, Pless Monroe (26 JUL 1899-11 MAR 1982)
Chambers, Robert Rye (26 JUN 1901-10 JUL 1959)
Chambers, Ronald Boyd (Private-)
Chambers, Travis Bowie (19 OCT 1896-22 SEP 1981)
Chambers, William Walter (7 DEC 1856-WFT Est. 1883-1947)
Chambers, Willie (18 APR 1891-2 SEP 1892)
Chambles, John (ABT. 1806-WFT Est. 1857-1898)
Chandler, Becky Lee (Private-)
Chandler, Cori Claire (Private-)
Chandler, Philena Jean (Private-)
Chandler, Ricky Coleman (Private-)
Chandler, Ronald George (Private-)
Chandler, Ronald Jeff (Private-)
Chandler, Taich'e Marie (Private-)
Chaney, Cora May (WFT Est. 1853-1878-24 FEB 1909)
Chaney, Edwin (WFT Est. 1859-1887-WFT Est. 1912-1973)
Chaney, Hannah Olive (WFT Est. 1844-1869-8 FEB 1892)
Chaney, Thelma May (Private-)
Chapel, Diadama (ABT. 1809-BEF. 1909)
Chaplinski, Andrea (Private-)
Chapman, (WFT Est. 1868-1905-WFT Est. 1894-1983)
Chapman, Ann (WFT Est. 1680-1716-WFT Est. 1701-1774)
Chapman, Edward (WFT Est. 1682-1721-WFT Est. 1743-1775)
Chapman, Elizabeth (ABT. 1704-AUG 1772)
Chapman, John (WFT Est. 1681-1710-WFT Est. 1682-1771)
Chapman, Martha (WFT Est. 1681-1710-WFT Est. 1697-1775)
Chapman, Mary (WFT Est. 1777-1800-1877)
Chapman, Nathan (WFT Est. 1735-1774-WFT Est. 1777-1855)
Chapman, Rebecca (WFT Est. 1681-1710-WFT Est. 1697-1775)
Chapman, Robert (ABT. 1660-ABT. APR 1749)
Chapman, Robert (WFT Est. 1681-1708-BEF. 14 JUN 1731)
Chapman, William (WFT Est. 1681-1710-WFT Est. 1701-1771)
Chard, Kathleen (Private-)
Chard, William (WFT Est. 1610-1637-WFT Est. 1660-1702)
Charity, Ann (1796-WFT Est. 1841-1891)
Charles, (Private-)
Charlton, John (19 AUG 1890-10 DEC 1929)
Charpentier, Chistofor (Private-)
Charpentier, Christofer Robin (Private-)
Chase, Ernest Devern (28 DEC 1865-6 AUG 1956)
Chase, Laura Elizabeth (15 NOV 1912-5 JUN 1985)
Chase, Thomas (WFT Est. 1739-1759-WFT Est. 1771-1830)
Chase, Thomas (WFT Est. 1668-1688-WFT Est. 1700-1759)
Chavis, Jane (ABT. 1565-WFT Est. 1634-1662)
Cheatham, Frank (Private-)
Chierstide, Roelof (ABT. 1620-WFT Est. 1639-1711)
Children, 10 (WFT Est. 1810-1839-WFT Est. 1815-1921)
Children, 11 (WFT Est. 1788-1817-WFT Est. 1793-1899)
Children, 13 (WFT Est. 1681-1704-WFT Est. 1686-1788)
Children, 5 (WFT Est. 1831-1860-WFT Est. 1836-1942)
Children, 6 (WFT Est. 1817-1849-WFT Est. 1823-1930)
Children, 6 (WFT Est. 1821-1850-WFT Est. 1826-1932)
Children, 7 (WFT Est. 1814-1841-WFT Est. 1821-1925)
Children, 7 (WFT Est. 1758-1781-WFT Est. 1763-1865)
Children, About 5 (Private-)
Children, Four (WFT Est. 1847-1886-WFT Est. 1856-1966)
Children, Four (WFT Est. 1847-1886-WFT Est. 1856-1966)
Children, No (Private-)
Children, Two (WFT Est. 1847-1886-WFT Est. 1856-1966)
Childs, Sara (1744-WFT Est. 1756-1838)
Childs, Sarah (WFT Est. 1689-1715-1773)
Childs, Valerie Elsizabeth Marion (Private-)
Chilren, 7 (WFT Est. 1748-1771-WFT Est. 1753-1855)
Chipman, Bethiah (Private-)
Chipman, Bethiah (11 DEC 1699-WFT Est. 1723-1793)
Chipman, Elder John (WFT Est. 1601-1630-WFT Est. 1653-1693)
Chipman, Hope (1652-1728)
Chipman, John (WFT Est. 1643-1670-WFT Est. 1673-1733)
Chipman, John (WFT Est. 1594-1626-WFT Est. 1649-1686)
Chipman, Mary (WFT Est. 1695-1715-WFT Est. 1716-1789)
Chrispel, Anna Margriet (WFT Est. 1716-1739-WFT Est. 1721-1823)
Chrispel, Ariaantjen (WFT Est. 1716-1739-WFT Est. 1721-1823)
Chrispel, Cornelis (WFT Est. 1716-1739-WFT Est. 1721-1820)
Chrispel, Johannes (WFT Est. 1716-1739-WFT Est. 1721-1820)
Chrispel, Neeltjen (WFT Est. 1716-1739-WFT Est. 1721-1823)
Chrispel, Petrus (WFT Est. 1716-1739-WFT Est. 1721-1820)
Christ, Christena (1779-1823)
Christiana, (WFT Est. 1858-1895-WFT Est. 1884-1973)
Christiansen, Aanon (1879-1968)
Christiansen, Christian (Private-)
Christiansen, Dagny (Private-)
Christiansen, Doris (Private-)
Christiansen, Paul (Private-)
Christie, Hiriam Carlisle (9 SEP 1902-6 FEB 1986)
Christie, Pamela Lynn (Private-)
Christman, Maria (WFT Est. 1780-1800-WFT Est. 1801-1884)
Christy, Annalee (5 SEP 1884-WFT Est. 1885-1978)
Christy, Chloe Columbia (11 OCT 1885-WFT Est. 1886-1979)
Christy, Dwight Hamilton (26 NOV 1897-WFT Est. 1898-1991)
Christy, Garonet Iverene (Private-)
Christy, Infant Daughter (6 OCT 1892-6 OCT 1892)
Christy, John Thomas (27 SEP 1861-ABT. 1940)
Christy, Lethie Richmond (22 OCT 1893-WFT Est. 1894-1987)
Christy, Lurie Dorcas (15 DEC 1888-WFT Est. 1889-1982)
Christy, Mary Lavina (31 MAY 1890-WFT Est. 1891-1984)
Christy, Minnie Odessa (Private-)
Christy, Thomas Jabez (12 MAR 1887-WFT Est. 1888-1977)
Christy, Watt E. (29 APR 1900-WFT Est. 1901-1990)
Chubb, Florence (29 AUG 1891-WFT Est. 1892-1985)
Chubb, Grace (8 MAY 1889-WFT Est. 1890-1983)
Chubb, John (WFT Est. 1837-1867-WFT Est. 1894-1952)
Chubb, Lulu (21 JAN 1887-WFT Est. 1888-1981)
Chubb, Roy (12 FEB 1885-WFT Est. 1886-1975)
Chubbuck, Thomas (WFT Est. 1585-1612-WFT Est. 1635-1677)
Church, Charity (WFT Est. 1831-1851-WFT Est. 1852-1935)
Church, Elinor At (ABT. 1364-WFT Est. 1392-1458)
Church, Robert At (WFT Est. 1313-1342-WFT Est. 1365-1405)
Churchill, Beng. (WFT Est. 1800-1820-WFT Est. 1834-1906)
Cioffi, Ralph (WFT Est. 1909-1939-1978)
Civils, Anna Mary (7 APR 1862-2 MAR 1935)
Civils, Charles Edward (4 AUG 1868-)
Civils, Ezekiel (12 FEB 1814-24 NOV 1861)
Civils, Florence Lydia (11 JUN 1873-)
Civils, Frances Sylvianna (8 MAR 1871-)
Civils, Harry Milton (17 FEB 1876-4 DEC 1917)
Civils, Homer Edgar (13 JAN 1870-)
Civils, James Theodore (8 APR 1867-3 JUL 1898)
Civils, Lorenzo Dow (5 JUL 1837-18 NOV 1879)
Civils, Sarah Emeline (6 SEP 1852-14 MAR 1924)
Civils, Theophilus Harry (16 AUG 1850-16 DEC 1927)
Claghorn, Abigail (1725-WFT Est. 1726-1819)
Claghorn, Benjamin (14 JUN 1701-WFT Est. 1702-1791)
Claghorn, Benjamin (1722-WFT Est. 1723-1812)
Claghorn, Benjamin (1736-WFT Est. 1737-1826)
Claghorn, Dorcas (1740-WFT Est. 1767-1834)
Claghorn, Ebenezer (30 JUL 1712-WFT Est. 1741-1803)
Claghorn, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1652-1674-WFT Est. 1653-1746)
Claghorn, Elizabeth (1 AUG 1746-WFT Est. 1772-1840)
Claghorn, Experience (1730-WFT Est. 1744-1824)
Claghorn, Experience (WFT Est. 1652-1674-WFT Est. 1653-1746)
Claghorn, George (6 JUL 1748-5 FEB 1824)
Claghorn, Hawes (1733-WFT Est. 1734-1823)
Claghorn, Jabez (WFT Est. 1688-1711-WFT Est. 1689-1778)
Claghorn, James (25 JUN 1751-WFT Est. 1793-1842)
Claghorn, James (WFT Est. 1688-1711-WFT Est. 1708-1778)
Claghorn, James (29 JAN 1653/54-27 MAR 1723)
Claghorn, James (WFT Est. 1606-1637-WFT Est. 1662-1698)
Claghorn, Jane (WFT Est. 1688-1711-WFT Est. 1704-1782)
Claghorn, Jedidah (1727-17 FEB 1799)
Claghorn, Mary (26 OCT 1655-WFT Est. 1669-1749)
Claghorn, Mary (WFT Est. 1688-1711-WFT Est. 1704-1782)
Claghorn, Mary (1731-WFT Est. 1759-1825)
Claghorn, Reuben (WFT Est. 1688-1711-WFT Est. 1708-1778)
Claghorn, Robert (20 OCT 1661-WFT Est. 1705-1753)
Claghorn, Robert (18 JUL 1699-11 JUL 1750)
Claghorn, Sarah (3 JAN 1658/59-WFT Est. 1660-1753)
Claghorn, Sarah (1727-WFT Est. 1728-1821)
Claghorn, Shubael (1725-WFT Est. 1754-1816)
Claghorn, Shubael (20 SEP 1696-14 JAN 1754)
Claghorn, Shubael (WFT Est. 1650-1677-ABT. SEP 1725)
Claghorn, Thankful (1703-8 MAY 1787)
Claghorn, Thomas (20 MAR 1691/92-FEB 1784)
Claghorn, Thomas (WFT Est. 1652-1674-WFT Est. 1653-1742)
Claghorn, Thomas (1730-WFT Est. 1731-1820)
Claghorn, Timothy (1743-WFT Est. 1744-1833)
Clancy, Eleanor Jane (Private-)
Clancy, Evelyn Jennie (Private-)
Clancy, Kenneth Alexander (14 MAY 1893-27 SEP 1964)
Clanic, Earnest
Clapp, Anna Christina (WFT Est. 1752-1771-WFT Est. 1773-1846)
Clapp, Anna Maria (16 JUN 1789-WFT Est. 1805-1883)
Clapp, Elizabeth (1774-1870)
Clapp, George (WFT Est. 1737-1773-WFT Est. 1763-1827)
Clapp, Hester (WFT Est. 1746-1781-WFT Est. 1767-1840)
Clark, Alice (WFT Est. 1877-1900-WFT Est. 1922-1988)
Clark, Cindi (Private-)
Clark, David (WFT Est. 1807-1833-WFT Est. 1857-1920)
Clark, Elizabeth Smith (WFT Est. 1753-1773-WFT Est. 1778-1857)
Clark, Harry Nicholson (Private-)
Clark, Ida M (WFT Est. 1846-1868-WFT Est. 1889-1957)
Clark, Laurel Ann (Private-)
Clark, Sanford S. (WFT Est. 1813-1841-WFT Est. 1866-1926)
Clark, Shirley Ann (Private-)
Clark, Sue (Private-)
Clark, Virginia Laverne (Private-)
Clarke, Ebenezer (WFT Est. 1678-1710-WFT Est. 1704-1768)
Clarke, Henry De Brunner (28 AUG 1906-1969)
Clarke, Henry De Brunner (Private-)
Clarke, Unk (WFT Est. 1603-1622-WFT Est. 1624-1697)
Clary, David Eugene (Private-)
Clary, Donald Roland (Private-)
Clary, Emily Megan (Private-)
Clary, Ian David (Private-)
Clary, Janessa Marie (Private-)
Clary, Jessica Elise (Private-)
Clary, John B. (WFT Est. 1775-1795-WFT Est. 1809-1881)
Clary, Michelle Renee (Private-)
Clary, Richard Scott (Private-)
Clary, Ryan Stephen (Private-)
Clary, Steven Michael (Private-)
Clary, Theodore Roosevelt (Private-)
Classen, Christine (Private-)
Clawson, Harry Stewart (6 OCT 1876-WFT Est. 1916-1967)
Clawson, Samuel Feegers (WFT Est. 1825-1854-WFT Est. 1879-1939)
Clawson, Sarah May (Private-)
Clay, Fern (Private-)
Clay, Henry (WFT Est. 1815-1852-WFT Est. 1856-1930)
Claymore, Bertha Wilhelmina (21 FEB 1843-22 SEP 1904)
Clayworth, (Private-)
Clearwater, Abraham (WFT Est. 1725-1752-WFT Est. 1777-1838)
Clearwater, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1771-1793-WFT Est. 1814-1881)
Clearwater, Jacob (WFT Est. 1655-1682-WFT Est. 1707-1768)
Clearwater, Thomas (WFT Est. 1729-1766-WFT Est. 1771-1847)
Cleghorn, David (WFT Est. 1595-1651-WFT Est. 1596-1685)
Cleghorn, Henry (WFT Est. 1573-1613-WFT Est. 1606-1667)
Cleghorn, Henry (WFT Est. 1567-1610-WFT Est. 1606-1657)
Cleghorn, Isobel (WFT Est. 1595-1651-WFT Est. 1596-1689)
Cleghorn, James (WFT Est. 1529-1583-WFT Est. 1567-1619)
Cleghorn, James (WFT Est. 1529-1583-WFT Est. 1567-1619)
Cleghorn, James (WFT Est. 1558-1621-WFT Est. 1559-1648)
Cleghorn, James (WFT Est. 1529-1583-WFT Est. 1567-1619)
Cleghorn, James (WFT Est. 1558-1621-WFT Est. 1559-1648)
Cleghorn, James (WFT Est. 1558-1621-WFT Est. 1559-1648)
Cleghorn, James (WFT Est. 1535-1586-WFT Est. 1567-1629)
Cleghorn, Thomas (WFT Est. 1595-1651-WFT Est. 1596-1685)
Clemens, Cathy Lynn (Private-)
Clemens, John Robert (Private-)
Clemens, Shelly Rae (Private-)
Clemens, Ted William (26 JUN 1939-5 SEP 1962)
Clemons, Lydia (1838-1920)
Clepsattle, William (WFT Est. 1785-1805-WFT Est. 1819-1891)
Cleveland, Moses (ABT. 1805-BEF. 1905)
Cliff, Harvey (WFT Est. 1853-1879-WFT Est. 1903-1967)
Clifton, Helen Maria (2 OCT 1876-18 APR 1952)
Clifton, Julia (31 OCT 1857-10 SEP 1943)
Clinick, (WFT Est. 1846-1883-WFT Est. 1872-1961)
Clinker, Mable (WFT Est. 1896-1914-WFT Est. 1917-1990)
Clinton, Henry Darvin (Private-)
Clinton, Joanna (WFT Est. 1140-1199-WFT Est. 1171-1234)
Cloke, Thos (WFT Est. 1863-1883-WFT Est. 1897-1969)
Clouse, Christena (ABT. 1791-17 SEP 1827)
Clouse, Elmer (Private-)
Clugston, (?) (WFT Est. 1835-1872-WFT Est. 1861-1950)
Cobb, Elder Henry (WFT Est. 1612-1632-WFT Est. 1644-1703)
Cobb, Henry (WFT Est. 1597-1629-WFT Est. 1652-1689)
Cobb, Jonathan (WFT Est. 1599-1629-WFT Est. 1648-1691)
Cobb, Thankful (WFT Est. 1678-1698-WFT Est. 1699-1772)
Coburn, Don (ABT. 1910-SEP 1991)
Cochran, Thomas (WFT Est. 1814-1834-WFT Est. 1848-1920)
Cockayne, Alice (WFT Est. 1373-1431-WFT Est. 1395-1467)
Code, Alice (WFT Est. 1509-1529-WFT Est. 1530-1603)
Codham, De (Private-)
Coeymans, Barnet Pieterse (WFT Est. 1586-1641-WFT Est. 1626-1718)
Coeymans, Gertrui (WFT Est. 1626-1670-WFT Est. 1647-1750)
Coffey, Mary Martha (22 OCT 1874-21 MAY 1961)
Coggeshall, Alice (WFT Est. 1359-1399-WFT Est. 1377-1453)
Coggeshall, Blanche (ABT. 1380-1460)
Coggeshall, John De (Private-)
Coggeshall, John De (Private-)
Coggeshall, John De (Private-)
Coggeshall, John De (Private-)
Coggeshall, John De (Private-)
Coggeshall, John De (Private-)
Coggeshall, Knight William (WFT Est. 1329-1358-WFT Est. 1381-1421)
Coggeshall, Ralph De (-UNKNOWN)
Coggeshall, Ralph De (Private-)
Coggeshall, Ralph De (Private-)
Coggeshall, Ralph De (Private-)
Coggeshall, Ralph De (Private-)
Coggeshall, Ralph De (Private-)
Coggeshall, Ralph De (Private-)
Coggeshall, Richard (WFT Est. 1289-1332-WFT Est. 1329-1379)
Coggeshall, Roger De (Private-)
Coggeshall, Thomas De (Private-)
Cogshall, Thomas W. (Private-)
Cohan, Debra Lynn (Private-)
Cohen, Helen (Private-)
Cok, Jan (WFT Est. 1661-1690-WFT Est. 1687-1772)
Cokayne, Knight (Private-)
Coke, Mary (WFT Est. 1453-1476-WFT Est. 1497-1548)
Colbertson, Lucille (7 MAY 1890-WFT Est. 1946-1985)
Cole, Bryan Dewayne (Private-)
Cole, David Rex (Private-)
Cole, Elizabeth A (23 OCT 1898-15 JUN 1992)
Cole, Israel (WFT Est. 1699-1719-WFT Est. 1731-1790)
Cole, Jessica Renee (Private-)
Cole, Michael David (Private-)
Cole, Rex Eugene (Private-)
Cole, Ronald (Private-)
Cole, Sara (WFT Est. 1816-1836-WFT Est. 1837-1920)
Cole, Sarah (ABT. 1820-WFT Est. 1870-1915)
Cole, Teresa (Private-)
Cole, William (WFT Est. 1534-1581-WFT Est. 1559-1624)
Coleman, Ada (20 AUG 1879-WFT Est. 1895-1973)
Coleman, Caroline (WFT Est. 1834-1869-WFT Est. 1891-1957)
Coleman, Dale Lawrence (Private-)
Coleman, Edward (WFT Est. 1601-1628-WFT Est. 1651-1693)
Coleman, Frank (14 JUL 1896-12 SEP 1966)
Coleman, Jean (Private-)
Coleman, Kate (JUL 1867-9 JUL 1948)
Coleman, Margaret (ABT. 1863-WFT Est. 1900-1958)
Coleman, Mr. (WFT Est. 1816-1845-WFT Est. 1870-1930)
Coleman, Ray (Private-)
Coleman, Thankful (WFT Est. 1684-1708-WFT Est. 1726-1779)
Coleman, Theresa Marie (Private-)
Coleman, Valerie Jean (Private-)
Coles, Esther (6 NOV 1799-25 FEB 1844)
Coley, Elizabeth (31 MAY 1854-WFT Est. 1884-1948)
Coll, Charlea Francis (Private-)
Colles, Alice (ABT. 1534-WFT Est. 1548-1628)
Colles, Anne (WFT Est. 1542-1583-WFT Est. 1559-1636)
Colles, Edmond (WFT Est. 1517-1543-WFT Est. 1518-1607)
Colles, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1517-1543-WFT Est. 1533-1611)
Colles, Jane (WFT Est. 1517-1543-WFT Est. 1533-1611)
Colles, John (WFT Est. 1517-1543-WFT Est. 1533-1611)
Colles, Mary (WFT Est. 1517-1543-WFT Est. 1533-1611)
Colles, Michael (WFT Est. 1517-1543-WFT Est. 1542-1607)
Colles, Richard (WFT Est. 1404-1447-WFT Est. 1444-1494)
Colles, Ursula (1545-24 OCT 1615)
Colles, William (WFT Est. 1444-1473-WFT Est. 1496-1536)
Colles, William (WFT Est. 1517-1543-WFT Est. 1518-1607)
Colles, William (ABT. 1495-AUG 1558)
Collier, Charles (WFT Est. 1851-1880-WFT Est. 1905-1965)
Collier, Unk
Collins, Leslie Ann (15 MAY 1952-1980)
Collins, Lydia (1714-20 NOV 1809)
Collyer, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1510-1549-18 JUN 1578)
Columbo, Derrick Keith (1964-)
Columbo, Jeanne (1 AUG 1966-)
Columbo, John
Combs, John (WFT Est. 1582-1621-WFT Est. 1608-1672)
Comer, John (WFT Est. 1773-1802-WFT Est. 1823-1889)
Comer, Susan (Private-)
Comfort, (WFT Est. 1873-1909-WFT Est. 1900-1987)
Comstock, George E. (WFT Est. 1843-1871-WFT Est. 1895-1957)
Comstock, Goldie (JUL 1892-DEC 1897)
Conde, Blandina (ABT. 1555-WFT Est. 1586-1649)
Coniker, Melvin (WFT Est. 1873-1909-WFT Est. 1905-1987)
Coniker, Robert (Private-)
Conklin, (Private-)
Conklin, Dawn (Private-)
Conklin, Dawn (Private-)
Conklin, Jacob (WFT Est. 1772-1792-WFT Est. 1806-1878)
Conklin, Josiah D (Private-)
Conklin, Morgan R (Private-)
Conklin, Ralph Howard (Private-)
Conklin, Robert (Private-)
Conklin, Robert (Private-)
Conklin, Steven (Private-)
Conlon, John E. (Private-)
Conlon, Robin L. (Private-)
Conner, Mary Ann (13 MAR 1858-8 FEB 1901)
Conner, Nervesta (WFT Est. 1844-1867-WFT Est. 1889-1955)
Connerly, William J. (Private-)
Conneway, Nancy (8 MAY 1830-29 APR 1891)
Conover, Blanche (26 JUN 1897-13 MAY 1983)
Conrad, Jonathan (WFT Est. 1760-1780-WFT Est. 1794-1866)
Conrad, Steven William
Conroe, Alan Lee (Private-)
Conroe, Guy Lee (Private-)
Conroe, Sean Christopher (Private-)
Conroe, Zachary Glenn (Private-)
Conti, Gloria (WFT Est. 1919-1942-1979)
Conway, Anna Eliza (1 OCT 1864-28 MAY 1940)
Conway, Reuban (1838-WFT Est. 1868-1929)
Cook, Arthur (Private-)
Cook, Chancey (Private-)
Cook, Hester A (Private-)
Cook, Laura (1894-1979)
Cook, Mary (WFT Est. 1865-1892-WFT Est. 1911-1980)
Cook, Miss (WFT Est. 1777-1795-WFT Est. 1798-1880)
Cook, Nancy (WFT Est. 1779-1799-WFT Est. 1800-1883)
Cook, Valerie Kathleen (Private-)
Cooke, Gertrude Ellen (Private-)
Coomer, Mary (WFT Est. 1685-1708-WFT Est. 1729-1780)
Cooms, Grace Mable (WFT Est. 1859-1886-25 NOV 1948)
Coonrad, Amanda (Private-)
Coonrad, Raymond (Private-)
Coonrad, William (WFT Est. 1872-1892-WFT Est. 1917-1978)
Coonrod, Jr., John (ABT. 1798-BEF. 1898)
Cooper, Agnes (WFT Est. 1561-1595-WFT Est. 1582-1655)
Cooper, Alma Ethel (Private-)
Cooper, Millard (Private-)
Cooper, Peggy (Private-)
Cooper, Stanley Alfred (Private-)
Coppola, Cindy (Private-)
Corbett, Nelson
Corbin, Adelia (1814-WFT Est. 1815-1908)
Corbin, Anna Mary (2 NOV 1878-11 JAN 1942)
Corbin, Anthy (WFT Est. 1781-1804-WFT Est. 1786-1888)
Corbin, Asahel (1774-WFT Est. 1775-1864)
Corbin, Benjamin (ABT. 1730-ABT. 1813)
Corbin, Benjamin (19 FEB 1807-WFT Est. 1808-1897)
Corbin, Caleb (1 DEC 1785-1856)
Corbin, Charles William (31 OCT 1871-7 NOV 1953)
Corbin, Charlotte (8 APR 1793-WFT Est. 1794-1887)
Corbin, De Haven A (Private-)
Corbin, Delia (8 MAY 1795-WFT Est. 1796-1889)
Corbin, Dorothy Jane (Private-)
Corbin, Edith (WFT Est. 1781-1804-WFT Est. 1786-1888)
Corbin, Eleanor (1819-WFT Est. 1820-1913)
Corbin, Eleanor (14 JUN 1777-WFT Est. 1778-1871)
Corbin, Jr., Elijah (WFT Est. 1781-1804-WFT Est. 1786-1885)
Corbin, Elijah (WFT Est. 1745-1766-1837)
Corbin, Elijah (1 FEB 1812-WFT Est. 1813-1902)
Corbin, Elizabeth (23 APR 1842-WFT Est. 1843-1936)
Corbin, Elmira (7 JAN 1837-WFT Est. 1838-1931)
Corbin, Emma (WFT Est. 1869-1894-WFT Est. 1874-1977)
Corbin, Emory James (20 MAY 1874-23 FEB 1962)
Corbin, Estella B (16 MAY 1875-WFT Est. 1876-1969)
Corbin, Eunice Catherine (19 AUG 1883-1979)
Corbin, Ezekiel (1757-WFT Est. 1758-1847)
Corbin, Helen Pauline (Private-)
Corbin, Ira Richard (31 JAN 1878-WFT Est. 1879-1968)
Corbin, Jacob (16 NOV 1815-WFT Est. 1816-1905)
Corbin, Joseph (1770-WFT Est. 1771-1860)
Corbin, Joshua (22 APR 1789-WFT Est. 1790-1879)
Corbin, Keziah (1785-WFT Est. 1786-1875)
Corbin, Lewis R (5 APR 1810-17 APR 1882)
Corbin, Martha (3 FEB 1853-WFT Est. 1854-1947)
Corbin, Mary Unknown (WFT Est. 1688-1711-WFT Est. 1733-1799)
Corbin, Maurice Reed (16 OCT 1897-6 APR 1939)
Corbin, Melinda Jane (Private-)
Corbin, Micajah (1765-WFT Est. 1766-1855)
Corbin, Nicholas (WFT Est. 1679-1708-WFT Est. 1733-1793)
Corbin, Nicodemus (WFT Est. 1751-1780-WFT Est. 1757-1859)
Corbin, Pearl (14 OCT 1893-WFT Est. 1907-1987)
Corbin, Phebe E (19 MAY 1846-WFT Est. 1847-1940)
Corbin, Robert DeOrde (Private-)
Corbin, Rodney Young (Private-)
Corbin, Sarah (WFT Est. 1806-1832-WFT Est. 1811-1915)
Corbin, Sarah (30 APR 1774-WFT Est. 1775-1868)
Corbin, Sarah J (1840-WFT Est. 1841-1934)
Corbin, Sewell (18 AUG 1906-21 APR 1986)
Corbin, Vera (Private-)
Corbin, William (20 JUL 1799-WFT Est. 1800-1889)
Corbin, William (Private-)
Corbin, William (1811-WFT Est. 1812-1901)
Corbin, William DeOrde (Private-)
Corbin, William Kennedy (Private-)
Corbin, Winfield Scott (1 MAY 1849-15 MAR 1900)
Corcoran, (WFT Est. 1873-1900-WFT Est. 1925-1986)
Corey, Beverly Lynn (17 JAN 1964-17 JAN 1964)
Corey, Dawn Louise (Private-)
Corey, Denise Marie (Private-)
Corey, Leslie Kay (Private-)
Corey, Richard Paul (Private-)
Corgill, Abraham (WFT Est. 1745-1772-WFT Est. 1798-1856)
Corgill, Abraham (Private-)
Corgill, Rachel (19 OCT 1795-WFT Est. 1826-1889)
Corkran, Jr., Jean (24 NOV 1814-WFT Est. 1815-1904)
Corkran, Jean "John" (WFT Est. 1763-1792-WFT Est. 1817-1877)
Cornelia, (WFT Est. 1584-1606-WFT Est. 1629-1695)
Cornelis, (ABT. 1600-WFT Est. 1637-1691)
Cornelis, Annatje (WFT Est. 1628-1654-WFT Est. 1689-1744)
Cornelis, Annatje (WFT Est. 1629-1654-WFT Est. 1689-1744)
Cornelis, Marritje (WFT Est. 1617-1640-WFT Est. 1662-1728)
Cornelis, Taatje (WFT Est. 1584-1625-WFT Est. 1647-1711)
Cornelissen, Dick (ABT. 1602-WFT Est. 1651-1694)
Cornelissen, Marten (Van Buren) (1638-13 NOV 1703)
Cornelisz, Neeltje (WFT Est. 1611-1638-WFT Est. 1660-1728)
Cornelius, Treva
Cornish, Alice (Private-)
Cornish, Margaret (1635-WFT Est. 1680-1730)
Cortreght, Hendrick (WFT Est. 1655-1683-WFT Est. 1708-1768)
Cortright, CaptBenjamin (WFT Est. 1710-1739-WFT Est. 1764-1824)
Cortright, George (WFT Est. 1836-1865-WFT Est. 1890-1950)
Cortright, Hulda Jane (21 OCT 1887-9 SEP 1925)
Corwin, (WFT Est. 1873-1909-WFT Est. 1900-1987)
Cottin, Jean (WFT Est. 1618-1638-WFT Est. 1652-1724)
Cottle, Salome (WFT Est. 1736-1760-WFT Est. 1778-1831)
Cottrell, Daryl (Private-)
Coughlin, Catherine (1859-1895)
Coulson, Thelma Pauline (Private-)
Countryman, Floyd (Private-)
Countryman, Joel (Private-)
Countryman, Laura (Private-)
Countryman, Margret (Private-)
Countryman, Ruth (Private-)
Coursin, Benjamin H. (15 NOV 1887-WFT Est. 1915-1978)
Coursin, Sarah Marie (WFT Est. 1906-1919-24 JAN 1938)
Cousins, Cynthia (WFT Est. 1894-1917-25 NOV 1986)
Covell, Bethia (WFT Est. 1686-1709-WFT Est. 1730-1781)
Cox, ??? (WFT Est. 1731-1754-WFT Est. 1775-1826)
Cox, Benjamin (29 SEP 1811-WFT Est. 1812-1901)
Cox, Debbie (Private-)
Cox, Elenor M (29 JUN 1918-2 DEC 1995)
Cox, Elizabeth (6 AUG 1820-WFT Est. 1821-1914)
Cox, George (Private-)
Cox, Hannah (18 JAN 1833-WFT Est. 1834-1927)
Cox, Herbert J (Private-)
Cox, Isaac Smedley (3 DEC 1828-WFT Est. 1829-1918)
Cox, James L (WFT Est. 1853-1885-WFT Est. 1912-1969)
Cox, Jane P. (1 MAY 1813-WFT Est. 1814-1907)
Cox, Joseph (WFT Est. 1766-1800-WFT Est. 1835-1885)
Cox, Joseph (8 JAN 1817-WFT Est. 1818-1907)
Cox, Letchworth (17 DEC 1814-WFT Est. 1815-1904)
Cox, Mary L. (6 AUG 1822-WFT Est. 1823-1916)
Cox, Maud Alice (Private-)
Cox, Norman G (10 OCT 1900-WFT Est. 1901-1990)
Cox, Robert (Private-)
Cox, Robert (Private-)
Cox, Robert (Private-)
Cox, Robert (Private-)
Cox, Robert (Bobby) (Private-)
Cox, Robert (Bobby) (Private-)
Cox, Scott (Private-)
Cox, Sharon (Private-)
Cox, Susanna L. (10 JUL 1824-WFT Est. 1863-1919)
Cox, Townsend (8 OCT 1826-WFT Est. 1827-1916)
Cox, William E (1889-1941)
Cox, William L. (3 NOV 1818-WFT Est. 1819-1908)
Coyle, John (WFT Est. 1772-1792-WFT Est. 1806-1878)
Cozadd, Charles L. (17 SEP 1906-5 MAY 1990)
Craig, Jane (WFT Est. 1773-1795-WFT Est. 1815-1868)
Craighead, William (WFT Est. 1753-1780-WFT Est. 1803-1845)
Cramer, Ada Margaretha Pearl (15 AUG 1893-9 JUL 1973)
Cramer, Arthur S. (7 MAY 1899-WFT Est. 1900-1989)
Cramer, Audrey Lucill (Private-)
Cramer, Carl (25 JAN 1950-)
Cramer, Caroline Doreen (Private-)
Cramer, Clarence Dewey (7 MAY 1899-18 SEP 1900)
Cramer, Darrell James (Private-)
Cramer, Herman
Cramer, John Carl (1 MAY 1858-15 FEB 1904)
Cramer, John Zipser (15 JUL 1892-27 JUN 1893)
Cramer, Kenneth (Private-)
Cramer, Lindell James (Private-)
Cramer, Nona Christine (Private-)
Cramer, Verdell (Private-)
Cramer, Wilhelmina Christina (26 JUL 1895-25 AUG 1970)
Crandall, Charles Eldridge (Private-)
Crandell, Katrarine (WFT Est. 1850-1872-WFT Est. 1894-1960)
Crane, Jack (Private-)
Cranor, Albert Green (3 NOV 1878-4 JUL 1954)
Cranor, Albert Leroy (Private-)
Cranor, Alvie Gene (Private-)
Cranor, Anna Elizabeth (Private-)
Cranor, Eleanor Marie (Private-)
Cranor, Hazel Irene (Private-)
Cranor, Helen Doris (Private-)
Cranor, Lewis Efton (Private-)
Cranor, Lula Larena (Private-)
Cranor, Pauline Thelma (Private-)
Cranor, Ruby Evelyn (Private-)
Cranor, Wilma Lee (Private-)
Cranz, William F. (WFT Est. 1809-1829-WFT Est. 1854-1915)
Craven, Esther (WFT Est. 1710-1737-WFT Est. 1766-1825)
Crawford, Malissa (WFT Est. 1833-1856-WFT Est. 1876-1944)
Crawford, Margaret (WFT Est. 1839-1864-WFT Est. 1888-1952)
Crawford, Margaret G (ABT. 1898-)
Crawford, Robert (Private-)
Crawford, Ryan (Private-)
Creelman, Bill (Private-)
Creelman, Bill (Private-)
Creelman, Bill (Private-)
Creelman, Billy (Private-)
Creelman, Billy (Private-)
Creelman, Billy (Private-)
Creelman, Brandee (Private-)
Creelman, Edward (Private-)
Creelman, Gale (Private-)
Creelman, Kelly (Private-)
Creelman, William John (WFT Est. 1895-1925-1973)
Cremar, Jacob (WFT Est. 1769-1804-WFT Est. 1795-1859)
Cressey, Mary (WFT Est. 1719-1749-14 DEC 1786)
Crew, Thomas (WFT Est. 1809-1837-WFT Est. 1862-1922)
Crispel, Neeltjen (FEB 1721/22-WFT Est. 1749-1816)
Crispel, Petrus (WFT Est. 1716-1739-WFT Est. 1721-1820)
Crispell, Anthony (WFT Est. 1673-1700-WFT Est. 1724-1787)
Crispell, Antoine (1635-1707)
Crispell, Hillegond (17 APR 1704-22 FEB 1774)
Crispell, Jan (1674-WFT Est. 1707-1765)
Crispell, Johannes (21 APR 1745-WFT Est. 1784-1836)
Crispell, Johannes (27 OCT 1695-ABT. 1764)
Crispell, Lysbet (1668-WFT Est. 1682-1762)
Crispell, Lysbet (1666-WFT Est. 1667-1760)
Crispell, Maria Magdalene (1662-WFT Est. 1676-1756)
Crispell, Mary (10 JUN 1781-WFT Est. 1795-1875)
Crispell, Marytje (WFT Est. 1695-1724-WFT Est. 1711-1806)
Crispell, Petrus (WFT Est. 1697-1723-WFT Est. 1748-1810)
Crispell, Pieter (21 DEC 1664-ABT. 1694)
Crispell, Sara (1671-WFT Est. 1685-1765)
Criswell, Lennie
Crites, Dorothy (Private-)
Croasdale, Samuel (WFT Est. 1760-1780-WFT Est. 1794-1866)
Crocker, Isaac (WFT Est. 1678-1698-WFT Est. 1710-1769)
Crocker, Reliance (WFT Est. 1687-1707-WFT Est. 1708-1781)
Croften, Helen Winniefred (14 FEB 1911-22 AUG 1980)
Crom, Anna Margriet (WFT Est. 1699-1726-WFT Est. 1704-1808)
Crom, Gysbert (WFT Est. 1699-1726-WFT Est. 1704-1805)
Crom, Willem (ABT. 1679-WFT Est. 1705-1770)
Crom, Willem (WFT Est. 1599-1630-WFT Est. 1656-1714)
Crook, John (WFT Est. 1671-1691-WFT Est. 1705-1777)
Crookson, V, Henry (1859-1934)
Crookston, Dora Gertrude (16 DEC 1895-20 MAY 1961)
Crookston, Dora Gertrude (Private-)
Crosby, Anne (WFT Est. 1666-1690-WFT Est. 1708-1761)
Crosby, John (WFT Est. 1684-1713-WFT Est. 1736-1776)
Crosby, Thankful (ABT. 1735-7 MAR 1803)
Cross, (1)Malinda J. (WFT Est. 1828-1855-WFT Est. 1874-1943)
Cross, (1)Polly Ann (WFT Est. 1819-1844-WFT Est. 1872-1933)
Cross, Adam (WFT Est. 1817-1854-WFT Est. 1843-1932)
Cross, Albert (WFT Est. 1848-1868-WFT Est. 1882-1954)
Cross, Alice (1863-1961)
Cross, Benjamin (WFT Est. 1817-1854-WFT Est. 1843-1932)
Cross, Eliza (WFT Est. 1838-1862-WFT Est. 1885-1949)
Cross, Eunice (16 AUG 1895-14 JUL 1966)
Cross, Frank (WFT Est. 1844-1873-WFT Est. 1898-1958)
Cross, Jerome (1859-1940)
Cross, Noah (WFT Est. 1735-1755-WFT Est. 1769-1841)
Crouch, Bentley (WFT Est. 1833-1870-WFT Est. 1874-1948)
Crouch, Mary (WFT Est. 1754-1777-WFT Est. 1799-1865)
Croushore, Carl (Private-)
Crowell, Samuel (WFT Est. 1723-1776-WFT Est. 1798-1819)
Crum, Gilbert (WFT Est. 1699-1726-AUG 1762)
Crumerick, Sarah (WFT Est. 1816-1843-WFT Est. 1871-1930)
Cuddeback, Eleanor (WFT Est. 1693-1719-WFT Est. 1747-1806)
Cudney, Isaiah (WFT Est. 1824-1861-WFT Est. 1850-1939)
Culberton, Austin P. (WFT Est. 1848-1868-WFT Est. 1893-1954)
Culbertson, (?) (WFT Est. 1818-1838-WFT Est. 1852-1924)
Culler, (WFT Est. 1852-1872-WFT Est. 1884-1943)
Cullers, Orlando (26 FEB 1841-21 OCT 1904)
Culletto, (Private-)
Culpepper, John (WFT Est. 1643-1663-WFT Est. 1675-1734)
Culver, Autumn De Vries (Private-)
Culver, Chet Legrand (Private-)
Culver, Emma E. (WFT Est. 1860-1883-WFT Est. 1905-1971)
Culver, Erni Adijie (Private-)
Culver, Ross Innes (Private-)
Cumberland, Charles E (WFT Est. 1859-1887-WFT Est. 1913-1972)
Cumberland, Harold Eugene (Private-)
Cummings, James (WFT Est. 1829-1849-WFT Est. 1863-1935)
Cummings, Sarah Wright (ABT. 1668-DEC 1752)
Cummins, Doris E. (1923-21 AUG 1985)
Cummins, H. J. (WFT Est. 1872-1901-WFT Est. 1926-1986)
Cunningham, Amanda Sue (Private-)
Cunningham, Baby (AUG 1938-)
Cunningham, Byron (Private-)
Cunningham, Don Richard (Private-)
Cunningham, H L (WFT Est. 1850-1879-WFT Est. 1904-1964)
Cunningham, Joseph (WFT Est. 1778-1813-WFT Est. 1804-1892)
Cunningham, Kecia Mary (Private-)
Cunningham, Keith (Private-)
Cunningham, Kenneth Michael (Private-)
Cunningham, Merrill D (3 MAR 1900-28 FEB 1975)
Cunningham, Newton
Cunningham, Page Lanae (Private-)
Cunningham, S A (21 NOV 1900-WFT Est. 1901-1990)
Cuntryman, Anna (1817-1896)
Curchwell, Hettie (1800-1870)
Cure, Ruby (Private-)
Curfman, Barbara (14 NOV 1806-WFT Est. 1807-1900)
Curfman, Christina (24 MAY 1819-WFT Est. 1820-1913)
Curfman, Conrad (1784-WFT Est. 1785-1874)
Curfman, Daniel (1785-WFT Est. 1786-1875)
Curfman, Elizabeth (OCT 1793-WFT Est. 1794-1887)
Curfman, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1717-1809-WFT Est. 1835-1899)
Curfman, Elizabeth (OCT 1793-WFT Est. 1794-1887)
Curfman, Eve (28 NOV 1812-WFT Est. 1813-1906)
Curfman, Jacob (1776-WFT Est. 1777-1866)
Curfman, Johann Conrad (WFT Est. 1703-1732-WFT Est. 1757-1817)
Curfman, Johann Philipp (9 MAR 1754-1829)
Curfman, John (1789-WFT Est. 1790-1879)
Curfman, John (WFT Est. 1799-1826-WFT Est. 1805-1905)
Curfman, Joseph (6 FEB 1817-WFT Est. 1818-1907)
Curfman, Margaret (WFT Est. 1799-1826-WFT Est. 1805-1908)
Curfman, Peter (1794-WFT Est. 1795-1884)
Curfman, Philip (1805-WFT Est. 1806-1895)
Curfman, Philip (1779-9 DEC 1861)
Curfman, Sarah (29 APR 1811-WFT Est. 1812-1905)
Curran, Linda (Private-)
Curry, Jan (Private-)
Curtis, Elizabeth (ABT. 1713-BEF. 1813)
Cushman, Thomas (WFT Est. 1590-1610-WFT Est. 1622-1681)
Cushman, Thomas (WFT Est. 1616-1644-WFT Est. 1667-1708)
Custer, Edith (Private-)
Cutler, Charles W (WFT Est. 1839-1867-WFT Est. 1889-1954)
Cutteract, Cornelius (WFT Est. 1717-1737-WFT Est. 1751-1823)
Cutts, John (Private-)
Cuyville, Adrienne (WFT Est. 1568-1591-WFT Est. 1613-1679)
D'Ong, Wyntie Aundreum (ABT. 1658-WFT Est. 1674-1752)
D`arville, M (WFT Est. 1253-1280-WFT Est. 1302-1370)
Dadley, Margaret (WFT Est. 1272-1344-WFT Est. 1303-1366)
Dagget, Nettie (WFT Est. 1704-1731-WFT Est. 1786-1805)
Dagget, Thomas (WFT Est. 1735-1762-WFT Est. 1785-1827)
Daggett, Thomas (22 JAN 1682/83-WFT Est. 1697-1773)
Daggett, Timothy (1691-17 SEP 1775)
Dahlem, Maria (Private-)
Dainty, (WFT Est. 1853-1873-WFT Est. 1887-1959)
Dalby, George (WFT Est. 1541-1588-WFT Est. 1566-1631)
Daler, Marie (Private-)
Daley, Margaret M. (WFT Est. 1877-1897-WFT Est. 1912-1981)
Daly, Widow (WFT Est. 1507-1541-WFT Est. 1533-1601)
Dalzell, John Alosius (Private-)
Damiani, Alivia Justine (Private-)
Damiani, Erin (Private-)
Danford, William (WFT Est. 1676-1711-WFT Est. 1703-1766)
Daniel, Ashley (WFT Est. 1738-1758-WFT Est. 1770-1829)
Daniel, Nicholas Winston (Private-)
Daniel, Timothy John (Private-)
Daniels, Andreas (ABT. 1775-WFT Est. 1814-1886)
Daniels, Annetje (WFT Est. 1596-1633-WFT Est. 1617-1716)
Daniels, Catherine (10 DEC 1795-20 JAN 1876)
Daniels, Hannah (WFT Est. 1782-1808-WFT Est. 1831-1896)
Daniels, Phebe (WFT Est. 1732-1759-WFT Est. 1794-1848)
Danielsen, Erling (WFT Est. 1865-1885-WFT Est. 1899-1971)
Danner, Carl (ABT. 1885-BEF. 1990)
Dare, J. Arthur (Private-)
Darla, (Private-)
Dart, Elizabeth (WFT Est. 1744-1768-WFT Est. 1786-1857)
Dart, Joan (WFT Est. 1582-1608-1660)
Datt, Edith (WFT Est. 1861-1886-WFT Est. 1905-1975)
Dauchey, Emma Headley (16 MAY 1864-WFT Est. 1865-1958)
Daugherty, (2)Rebecca (WFT Est. 1835-1863-WFT Est. 1889-1950)
Daughter), Lilly Hornbeck (Step (1872-WFT Est. 1873-1966)
Davenport, Munsen (WFT Est. 1791-1828-WFT Est. 1817-1906)
Davenport, Norman (Private-)


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